You ask, we answer: Your MIP application Q&A guide

We answer the most common questions to help you with a successful application!

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You have decided to apply for support from the MIP, but how should you proceed?

1. Is it possible to apply as an individual or should applications be submitted by a group/team?
You may apply as an individual or as a group/team. We have a detailed application and selection guidance document which you can access directly via the apply or downloads section, once you create an account. We ask that the project proposal, which is outlined in the guidance, includes details of the team (leader, group members and competency, institutions etc.), if applicable.

2. What are the minimum seniority criteria for the applicants? Does the Principal Investigator need to be a full Professor?
There are no formal criteria for applicants and applications can be made by researchers, doctors, technologists and individuals from other occupations. We encourage applicants from academia, research centres and enterprises.

There are no minimum standards for the Principal Investigator either. Assistant/Associate Professors are also eligible to apply.

3. Are there any nationality restrictions for applications? Is it possible to apply for a joint project between individuals from two different countries?
We will consider all projects as long as the proposal aligns with the priority unmet medical needs as outlined in the key areas of interest and the set selection criteria, without any nationality restriction.

Geographically-diverse teams are welcome to apply.

4. What budget can be requested? Is there a maximum grant fund?
The budget is reviewed and agreed individually, based on the needs and phase of your project (conception, incubation or development phase) and 100% funding is offered. All projects are reviewed individually against the set selection criteria (which you can access once you create an account) and the alignment to defined areas of interest 2020/2021. After a first internal review the top projects are selected to progress to the second round of review. Shortlisted applications are reviewed in detail and at this stage applicants are requested to submit a formal project plan and detailed budget breakdown.

5. Is there a 2nd or 3rd round of funding?
The duration is dependent on the stage of the project and detailed budget breakdowns. For that reason, formal project plans are requested if the application is shortlisted.

6. My application was rejected. Can I apply again?
Of course. You may submit more than one project for review. Every project is reviewed individually against the set selection criteria (outlined in the guidance document) and the alignment to defined areas of interest 2020/2021. However, we will not fund:

  • Projects at research stage that are not ready to enter the development process.
  • Projects involving products from Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany or competitors, if the primary aim is to compare the efficacy and safety of these products.
  • Animal research projects.
  • Projects not allowed under German Embryo Protection Act and German Act on Embryonic Stem Cell Research, regardless of the location of the project being carried out.

7. I applied, but I haven’t heard back yet. What should I do?
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany will inform applicants of the outcome of their proposals within 3 months from the date of submission. Proposals are evaluated on a rolling basis at a two-stage review process.

We will contact both successful and unsuccessful applicants individually to inform them about the status of their application and if necessary, request additional information. Application-specific information is treated confidentially and destroyed.

8. I started conversations with medCrowd. Is my IP protected? What is Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany asking to have in return for providing the funding?
All projects are reviewed individually, and the full IP agreement and clauses are discussed after a project has been selected.

medCrowd is compliant with the NHS Commercial Third Party Information Governance, HIPAA, UK Data Protection Act, and the European General Data Protection Regulation, with ISO 27001 certification being finalised.

medCrowd is also encrypted at rest and in transit to ensure standards are met and data are protected.

medCrowd keeps everyone on the MIP in touch while protecting confidential information to the required health and care standards.

9. Is a collaboration with the TSP compulsory?
No, it isn’t. Although the opportunity exists, support is provided as per the project’s needs.